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Thiago J. Soares

Thiago Soares is an Assistant Professor at the Insper Institute of Education and Research. His research interests lie in the area of Technology and Innovation Management. The primary focus of his work is to understand the nuances of how organizations manage their innovative processes and the strategies they undertake to enhance innovation performance and commercialize new technologies. Thiago's current projects examine firms' reactions to changes in employee mobility patterns, technological ownership fragmentation, internal restructuring processes, and government incentives to innovation. In addition, Thiago has a keen interest in the dynamics of knowledge transfer between academia and industry. In this research stream, Thiago explores the circumstances under which knowledge produced in the academia crosses university boundaries and is deployed by firms.

Before embarking on his academic career, Thiago worked for many years as a requirement engineer in the German automotive sector. Enthusiastic about innovation, Thiago is the inventor of seven patents. 

Last updated: September 2023